Web Site Redesigned, Log & FAQ Page Added

The Association published start.epta.online last June in lieu of a fully functional web site. It was originally intended as a placeholder while EPTA determined both its strategic goals and how much information was appropriate to share online with the public. The hostile political climate of the United States continues to make a principled yet comme il faut traditionalist response difficult. Driven to innovative conclusions – frankly, innovative only inasmuch the unorganized traditionalist community doesn’t even acknowledge the question – our leadership is entirely wary that such things need be undertaken with great introspection, and so what is conveyed online was slow to materialize. Throughout late summer and autumn, we steadily added more information about our principles to the subdomain’s two static pages while a full version of the web site was developed but remained unreleased. The full web site contained features beyond the capabilities of our current volunteers. While planning for growth in our capabilities is a healthy anticipation, it would be irresponsible and unfitting to move recklessly ahead of our organization’s realistic standing.

Enough time had elapsed without significant improvement that several questions arose. Firstly, could the Association maintain the public interest it already required with a cursory, two-paged web site? Secondly, do individuals new to the Association have enough information to galvanize them to further involvement (as our primary focus in this stage is to acquire more volunteers)? Thirdly, were our expectations for the organization’s transition into the full, unpublished web site unrealistic? After assessing the situation, we determined in late October to change our course of action.

As of this update, start.epta.online begins its transition from a placeholder into a more modest full version than was our expectation earlier this year. The older, unpublished full version of epta.online was abandoned for preference of the current, more realistic approach you now see live on this subdomain. However, much of the content on the unpublished version is still pertinent and will be released in new pages or posts throughout the next couple months. Additionally, we reinvented the design of our web site. No longer is the subdomain a couple minimalist white pages! But the new design wasn’t simply borrowed from the unpublished web site, either. Though drawing some inspirations from earlier iterations, our team took it a step further. We’re confident that the muted black and white balances a stately and ecclesiastical feel that does justice to the nature of EPTA’s mission.

The original design for the fully functional version of epta.online, whose initial development began in April, 2020
Though the new look and features are live already, that doesn’t mean smaller updates to improve these things aren’t shortly forthcoming! Please watch for further announcements and monitor the new features themselves to catch new additions.

Introducing the Log

You’re already viewing one of the most important additions to the subdomain! EPTA’s online Log is the primary avenue to release dynamic information that pertains strictly to the Association. Some examples include Updates (technical additions to our services or infrastructure, such as the current post you’re reading), News (occurrences within the Association, such as transpired events, actions of leadership or volunteers, or some event in the traditional world with direct ramifications in the Association), Events (public functions of EPTA that are forthcoming, which you can often join!), and Opinions (occasional publications, or the republication of Missives, from our highest leadership which treat on some particular perceived issues among traditionalists or the Association).

Our personnel will do their utmost to keep the Log up-to-date before any other information avenues available to us. Though often used for press releases by other organizations in similar fashion to EPTA’s Log, please note that EPTA itself does not use social media as an exhaustive outlet for conveying official dynamic information releases. As mentioned on the Online page, our official social media aren’t used “as a means of entertainment or immediate engagement, but for outreach and networking where traditionalists already frequent. They help us spread the word about our initiative in the hopes that people like you consider reaching out to us.” Though our social media may link to posts in the Log from time to time, or mention similar information in separate social media posts, there’s no guarantee this will be done exhaustively for all releases. Please visit the Log directly to get the most accurate information.

Our team plans to re-work EPTA email subscriptions to make automatic signup available once again on the web site, and to automatically notify our subscribers when the Log is updated, in addition to more candid information!

Introducing the FAQ Page

Carried over from our original concept of the full web site, the FAQ is republished with the least editing. It can be difficult to understand the abstract principles behind EPTA, so answering some practical concerns about what the Association is helps gives us a clearer picture. Through examples and different scenarios, we demonstrate our doctrines in action, our approach to ethics, and the unique traditionalist solution to the Modernist Crisis that we’ve adopted, itself not dissimilar to some dissident theories, whose one-of-a-kind nature makes it difficult to grasp without some explanation via asking, “What if?”.

Though initially released as of this update with only two sections, our team is busy creating responses to more questions in many different categories. It’s our hope to cover a variety of topics and concerns that our visitors ask us over time. Don’t see your concern in the FAQ and think it should be added? Do you want to ask us a personal question? Don’t be afraid to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can!

Web Site Redesigned, Log & FAQ Page Added
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