Milestone Conference Lays Out Framework Business Plan

Reading, Pennsylvania

The first year and a half after EPTA’s conception in June, 2020, entertained a flurry of ideas. The forum was open to the new Association’s strategic planning. How could a mission contingent on such lofty ideals be successful when started from the ground up? There were infinite possibilities pointing to the same destination, but choosing the most viable option for such hostile social conditions was critical.

This past Quinqagesima Sunday, February 27th, 2022, EPTA personnel and a few guests were invited to a virtual conference tasked with synthesizing the best of various proposed strategies into a one “master plan.” Final preparations occupied the week leading up to Sunday, and the evening event concluded with a proposed mission statement conducive to earlier strategic goals, a government structure with draft Bylaws to be completed this spring, a series of specific plans to “fill in the gaps” between strategic goals, and a framework for future legal and financial planning. Still, this master plan requires significant development before it’s ready.

While the conference minutes were not recorded, a summary video which includes the condensed presentation will be available for future applicants to EPTA leadership positions. “This presentation makes much-needed progress, but we’re still really, really short of the staff we’ve projected will be necessary for this sort of thing,” one attendant noted. “We need all sorts of people, from top dogs to computer programmers. It’s just hard to find people with both the aptitude and the desire to get such a visionary project like this done.” EPTA’s Director made an aside that the Association “stands sticking out its thumb in via,” that any possibility of success depends on whether more people in the traditionalist community are willing to embrace a better kind of future than passive resignation. Finally, the Director admitted that none of the Association’s aspirations would work out regardless without spiritual aid, writing that, “this Association will be nothing without prayerful contemplation, supernatural grace, and the intercession of Our Lady. And I do mean that with all seriousness.”

If you’re interested in applying to a leadership position in EPTA, feel free to contact us for the conference video recording and more details about what the Association plans to do to establish traditionalism in America.

Milestone Conference Lays Out Framework Business Plan
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