Experimentation with Masculine Teambuilding Network Begins

The intellectual pursuit isn’t the only way to sustain traditionalist values. In fact, most people – intellectuals included – don’t make the personal decision to champion its social doctrines because they were convinced by dense reading or abstract argumentation. It happens on a more visceral level, when we see how tradition’s poetry proves its truth and beauty through the course of our daily lives. That’s why EPTA’s mission to instaurate Western traditionalism in our country inherently depends on ordering our daily lives and duties of state toward higher, transcendental causes. Fundamentally transforming our society doesn’t pivot around some epic, momentous event, but through the tedious chore of perfecting the roles we already inhabit. When every single part properly carries out its role for the common welfare instead of eccentricity or self gain, the Christian poetry woven into His design is mended so that it can shine all on its own.

To this end, the Association already has loose groups of academics and businessmen – two of the three “estates” which could be reasoned to compose the Modern World – to help coordinate traditionalist leaders towards our shared common ends.

However, EPTA didn’t yet organize means for coordinating more local and mundane life, which its model both depends on and is designed to empower.

Considering the social isolation which traditionalists experience because of our demographic dispersal, and which has been compounded with the government lockdowns of recent memory, unjustly instilling fear, harming the populace’s precarious physical fitness, arresting development of the global economy, and suppressing legal assembly; and finally, considering the Church and Association’s desperate need for the formation of new and better generations of leadership than exists today, the Association has opened an experimental program for the development of team-building networks for young men affiliated with EPTA.

These locally based networks will give occasion for young men to socialize with their like-minded neighbors, challenge each other through competition and accountability to grow into better men, learn various masculine arts while under careful guidance (like outdoorsmanship, mechanical repair, firearms, and first aid), athletically train with each other to lead capable and healthy lives, and most importantly, learn to do what most characterizes the male sex: selflessly serve, protect, and promote their communities. Not unlike the famous boy scout movement a century ago, these more mature service bands focus on development and cameraderie.

Leadership is confident that a strong, physical male presence will help the very real vacuum of natural virtue that exists in greater American society. Giving young men a validating avenue within an established organization also assists to divert otherwise idle minds from isolation, undue alienation, extremism, and apathy. The past several weeks have yielded an extremely promising response to the new experimental program. Plans for at least two outdoor trips are already underway.

Each separate service band’s franchise will correspond with EPTA’s developing administrative territories. Division into local groups encourages new groups of men to register their own initiatives where one isn’t already established. At the same time, defining these bands to encompass all eligible members of a particular geographic area promotes unity and cohesion. A missive or letters patent are expected from leadership to officially denote the purpose and structure of these men’s service bands, should the experimental period ultimately prove successful.

Experimentation with Masculine Teambuilding Network Begins
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