Contore Incipit Now Live

Contore Incipit, the initial design for our online membership platform Contore, is up and running in Alpha as of today. Though we desire future versions on Contore to conist of a downloadable suite, Incipit is broswer-based. You can find it at

What Incipit Being in Alpha Means

  • Not all of Incipit’s features are operable at this time, like The Hall, a full version of Dockside, and a full version of instant messenger.
  • Our developer anticipates our current testing group of users to discover functional and formatting errors in current feautres, like The Street, friends list, and different tpyes of posts.
  • Until Incipit moves beyond Alpha, a public Contore signup form will not be available.
  • Our developer seeks to expand our test group of Alpha users. Please send us a message if you’d like to be manually added.
  • Header menus don’t currently change whether logged in or out.
  • The ad program isn’t currently deployed and is still in testing.

Note that the above list isn’t exhaustive, and there might be other issues that users encounter. While Contore Incipit is far from completion, EPTA leadership sees the value in publishing what’s available so far as to maintain traction within the community. 

However, we’re suffering from a severe shortfall of volunteers, particularly programmers and designers. EPTA depends on your cooperation and participation. In a world where tradition isn’t privileged, funded, or commonplace, our few active volunteers can’t be expected to go beyond their free time and forgo personal lives to run multiple projects. To make any meaningful progress in Contore and other ventures, it’s necessary that individuals whom God has so gifted in our community step up and assist it. If He called you, we need you. Don’t ignore your duty to your fellowmen. Please consider generously giving whatever time you can. Join our other passionate staff members by sending us a volunteer application.

Contore Incipit Now Live
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